Poll: How are you trading Europe's earnings season?

Petek Arici | Getty Images

Despite a meager economic recovery, European investors are the most optimistic about first-quarter corporate earnings results, a survey done by research and advisory firm Corbin Perception last month showed.

Half of investors polled in Europe expect corporate earnings for the first three months of 2015 to outperform the last quarter, citing reasons such as lower oil prices. In the U.S., only one quarter of investors expect improved first-quarter report cards, while 31 percent of Asian investors posted optimistic earnings hopes.

Investors are not alone. Analysts are also betting on the European Central Bank's massive bond-buying program and a weak euro to spur a turnaround in corporate earnings this year.

"Euro weakness alone could boost earnings growth by 20 percentage points, according to our FX team's latest forecasts," HSBC analysts wrote in a note last month. A softer euro, which has lost 10.7 percent year-to-date, gives the region's exporters a competitive edge.

Thus, with earnings season going into full swing in Europe, tell us how you are trading: