Gooi Global, Inc. Announces Launch of Gooi Mortgage, Inc. With Jeff Jensen as CEO/President

DES MOINES, Iowa, April 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gooi Global, Inc. (OTC:GOOI) announced the launch of its first investment today – Gooi Mortgage, Inc.

Gooi Mortgage, Inc. is a start-up company providing mortgage fulfillment services to small and medium sized lenders with an end-to-end range of services that are compliant with the ever changing regulatory environment. At the same time, Jeff Jensen, who has over 30 years' experience in the mortgage industry, was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the new company.

Mr. Jensen, who created and developed the concept for Gooi Mortgage, said, "We are excited to be included in the Gooi Global portfolio, which will enable us to rapidly improve the business dynamics of smaller mortgage lenders across the country."

Commenting on Gooi Global's first investment as a holding company investing in high revenue, cash flow and asset growth companies, Mark White, CEO of Gooi Global, Inc. remarked, "We are very fortunate to have the opportunity that Jeff Jensen provided us to invest in the emerging and rapidly changing mortgage services industry. With Gooi Mortgage's plan for rapid revenue growth and early positive cash flow, this investment dovetails perfectly with our overall strategy."

Jeff Jensen: Jeff has 30 years of financial industry experience with the last 18 years consecutively in the mortgage business. He has held senior management positions in his last three roles, including President at Mortgage Compliance Advisors, Inc., the last two of which had successful exits after experiencing rapid revenue and earnings growth.

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