Industry Game Changers – Dealership Performance CRM Offers Smart Merge®

Tualatin, OR, April 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dealership Performance CRM has created a simple, fast, and streamlined process for merging leads from multiple vendors. Smart Merge® operates seamlessly by matching names, phone numbers, and other provided information within multiple lead submissions. Without this capability in the CRM, one person providing a lead through more than one channel would appear as more than one person, with numerous leads sent to the sales department. Multiple members of the sales staff may then reach out to that person on different occasions, with no prior or additional knowledge of their interests based on the other leads that exist. This creates confusion not only for the sales staff, with missing information that could help them make the sale, but also for the customer, making that person less likely to follow through with a purchase.

Dealership Performance CRM has the ability to cross-check all relevant vendors and web providers that an individual may have gone through, and eliminate duplicate leads for that individual. The tool operates systematically, so that there are no mistakes. Smart Merge® can unify these into one single lead that is passed on to one member of the sales staff for follow up. This member of the sales team has access to all of the information that he or she needs – the vendor(s) that the individual went through to land on a certain unit or service request, the level of interest that individual has, and any other relevant information.

This is a simple but crucial step in the sales process that no other CRM tool has the capability of providing. Dealership Performance CRM has taken the initiative to eliminate any confusion or miscommunication among sales staff, and also between sales staff and customer. While it may seem like a small detail, merged leads create a seamless and comfortable experience for the customer. Only one sales person, who has all of the information available about that individual, is in contact with them. In regards to a sales team’s level of professionalism, it is imperative that duplicate vendors are checked and leads are merged before customer interaction takes place. The process must also happen in a timely manner so that the person’s interest does not diminish. Dealership Performance CRM’s Smart Merge® systematically completes this task for your sales team and helps you accomplish what you need in order to seal the deal. 800.516.1768

Source: Dealership Performance CRM