Teaching Programs Give Primary Care Physicians Dermatology Skills

MACON, Ga., April 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The University of Texas, Tyler Nurse Practitioners program and PHS School of Nursing in Abilene, Texas, have adopted Derm for Primary Car into their curriculum, a first-of-its-kind online dermatology education course for students and primary care providers.

"Understanding and diagnosing common dermatology symptoms is crucial to providing the best patient care by primary care practitioners," said Dr. Amy Toone, professor and interim director at UT Tyler's Physician Assistant program. "Derm for Primary Care presents students a wide range of topics enabling diagnostic mastery of common dermatological issues often presented in family practice."

Derm for Primary Care (DFPC), a new online educational program specifically geared toward non-dermatologic physicians and mid-level medical providers (MLPs), teaches how to correctly diagnose and effectively manage the majority of common skin care problems that routinely present at practices.

Institutions and practitioners alike are reaping the benefits of the program. DFPC features over 20 comprehensive modules on specific dermatologic conditions allowing both current and future primary care providers to develop a quality baseline of care.

Each module provides students and primary care providers the following benefits:

Visual learning: DFPC combines hundreds of photos and videos with text and audio to emphasize what to look for—and how to know what you are looking at.

Clinical scenarios: real-patient examples demonstrate how to develop treatment plans and adjust them to changing conditions.

Real-time assistance: PC/Mac/tablet/smart phone access gives students concise diagnostic and management guidelines in the practice setting.

Integrated training: Students become more rounded professionals able to treat skin conditions when they enter a practice.

David E. Kent, MD, a dermatologist in Macon, Georgia, created the self-paced online training program. DFPC includes insights and tips he has learned over decades of providing dermatologic care and serving as a referral source for primary care providers.

"I'm thrilled that teaching institutions are beginning to adapt their programs to provide dermatology training," said Kent. "Not only does this program fill a crucial patient access gap, but it rounds out primary care practitioners and helps patients in the end."

Learn More About Derm for Primary Care

Please visit DermForPrimaryCare.com, to find a complete listing of the program's educational modules and a more in-depth explanation of content. View a sample of the online learning experience, examine the pricing and purchase options, and find out about updates, accessibility and additional features. Watch the program demo here.

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