JSBarkats Sponsors Belev Echad Evening of Recognition for 10 Wounded IDF Soldiers on May 11, 2015

NEW YORK, April 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- JSBarkats PLLC, (www.JSBarkats.com) a dynamic full-service law firm based in Manhattan, today announced that it is proud to be a sponsor of the Evening of Recognition honoring 10 IDF wounded soldiers, to be held at the Bohemian National Hall – 321 East 73rd Street, Fourth Floor, on May 11, 2015. (For registration see below)

Mr. Sunny J. Barkats, Esq, a former Golani Brigade Elite Staff Sergeant and the Founder of the renown JSBarkats Law Firm, is honored to be sponsoring the Belev Echad event honoring 10 IDF soldiers who were critically wounded in the recent fights during Operation Protective Edge 2015. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) was built to protect and defend Israel and all of its citizens. “Those young warriors made the ultimate sacrifice so tyranny and violent radical Islam can be deterred; we all owe them more than our mere gratitude, but our freedom to be who we are,” said Mr. Barkats. Those IDF soldiers were taken in for immediate medical care but were in critical condition fighting for their lives. Belev Echad is a leading charitable organization founded by Rabbi Vigler of Chabbad Israel Center. “Belev Echad’s flagship program brings wounded IDF veterans to New York City for a 10 day tour to enjoy the camaraderie of those with similar experiences, and receive thanks and support from the Upper East Side Jewish community,” said Rabbi Vigler. It allows for the Jewish community in the U.S. as well as freedom lovers to support wounded IDF soldiers and Israel, the ONLY Democratic country in the Middle East.

To learn more about Belev Echad and register for the Evening of Recognition please visit our website at https://www.belevechad.nyc/events/evening-of-recognition/

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