Global Fashion Technologies, Inc. (GFTI) Announces The Addition Of Key Executives

Santa Fe Springs, CA, April 22, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Joy Nunn, CEO of Pure Systems International, LTD., a California based innovator in sustainable textile engineering and application, has agreed to become the Chief Technology Officer and board member of Global Fashion Technologies, Inc .

Ms. Nunn is a pioneer and continues to pioneer the rejuvenation of excess textile materials for integration into upper-end commercial and retail applications.

Ms. Nunn has successfully developed patents which cover both the organic treatment and engineering process of the raw materials. Ms. Nunn's patents for the organic treatment and engineering of materials capitalize upon a sustainability model that slashes the intensive use of natural resources required for first generation fibers and fabrics.

The result of this groundbreaking technology has been textile fibers which are longer, stronger and more efficient in the manufacture process than are virgin materials.

Paul Serbiak, a former Global VP of Consumer Products with Johnson & Johnson and current COO of Pure Systems International, has agreed to become Global's Chief Operating Officer and board member. Mr. Serbiak will now provide to Global his 35 years of broad experience in the areas consumer products, R & D and engineering.

The "Pure System" takes scrap materials and rejuvenates them into pure, technically advanced fibers that can be fabricated once again into re-usable products. The Pure process helps our client companies and fiber product manufacturers operate sustainably rather than sending their scrap material to the landfill or incinerator."

Chris H Giordano, Global's President added, "We welcome both Joy and Paul to our company and the opportunity to now bring to Globa shareholders a fully rounded world class management team. Sustainability is a key focus of the CEO's of the worlds largest corporations and our management team has the expertise to help us take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity within that focus. It is with great anticipation that we now move forward to set a standard of excellence and to have Global make a mark in the rapidly growing world of sustainability with our "high tech fiber" products.

We will also be releasing our year end report and first quarter report simultaneously in the very near future. It is anticipated that the 1st quarter report will show a near total elimination of our former liabilities. This will now allow Global to have a fresh start with a one of a kind business initiative, without the overhang of the former company's balance sheet.

We look forward with excitement to our next communication with you our shareholders."

About Global Fashion Technologies, Inc: Global Fashion Technologies, Inc is a global sustainability company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of rejuvenated fiber products.

About Pure System International LTD: Pure System International LTD is a global technology and management company, the global leader in Rejuvenation technology, specializing in the analysis, mobilization and transformation of the world's largest waste streams.

CONTACT: CONTACT: Chris Giordano 973-291-8900 Thomas Witthuhn 323-277-9090 Joy Nunn 212-228-3070 ext. 100 Paul Serbiak 212-228-3070 ext. 101 Source:Global Fashion Technologies Group, Inc