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Here are America’s biggest fast food lovers

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Fast food is king in these cities

Some cities take America's love of fast food to a new level.

The average person who visited a quick-service restaurant went 14.8 times per month during the last quarter, according to food service consumer research firm Sandelman. That's roughly every other day.

In the top 10 markets where people ate the most fast food, visits averaged 19 times per person per month, according to Sandelman.

"Many of them are large media markets, so the density of options is greater than in small markets," Sandelman President Bev Cain said in a phone interview. "Many of these markets' consumers live fast-paced lives where the inherent value of quick service and fast casual align with their needs."

The survey's respondents ranged from age 16 to 64 and reported at least one past monthly visit to a quick-service restaurant.

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—By CNBC's Katie Little
Posted 22 April 2015

Katie Little | CNBC