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Rich Chinese spending most on homes here

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China is home to one-fifth of the world's billionaire population thanks to an economic boom over the past decade, and much of that wealth is being spent overseas, especially on real-estate.

Chinese nationals have seen faster real-estate transaction growth in international markets than any other country, according to Juwai, one of China's largest international property websites.

While the U.S. and Australia remain the most popular destinations, more Chinese buyers are seeking expensive homes in exotic locations like the Caribbean and Fiji, a new Juwai report shows.

"Many of the Chinese entrepreneurs and executives who helped lead the country's economic miracle over the past few decades are now approaching an age in which health and lifestyle become more important. They are taking advantage of their hard-earned wealth to enjoy cosmopolitan and resort-style lifestyles in attractive environment," said Andrew Taylor, co-CEO of Juwai.com.

Here are the countries where Chinese buyers seek the most expensive homes, ranked by average house price.

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