Prophecy Healthcare Unveils Nurse Preceptor Validated Competency Assessment

GREENSBORO, N.C., April 23, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Prophecy Healthcare, Inc., the leading online competency testing provider in the healthcare industry, launched validated competency assessments for the Nurse Preceptor role. A successful preceptor/preceptee relationship can ensure competence in nursing skills and promote safe, effective patient care. In addition, it can lead to job satisfaction and increased confidence for the preceptee realized as reduced nurse turnover for the hiring facility.

"As new nurses enter the current workforce, the value that quality preceptors bring to the orientation process is hard to measure. However, it is perhaps the most critical component for a new nursing professional," explained Leslie Jeffries MSN BSN RN Sr. Vice President of Clinical Operations. "Those chosen to be preceptors for this new generation of nurses should be well-versed on various aspects of the preceptorship process that will likely impact the new nurse for the remainder of their career."

A preceptor is an experienced nurse who educates, coaches and orients a new nurse to the unit. The new nurse could be a new graduate nurse, new to the facility or a nurse new to a particular specialty.

Prophecy's new Preceptor RN Exams were developed during a comprehensive three-day workshop including nine Registered Nurses from various clinical specialties, encompassing over 30 years of experience in the Preceptor RN role, including supervisors of Preceptors. With over 100 unique job duties, knowledges, skills, and abilities specific to the role of Preceptor, multiple scenarios and applications were discussed to formulate items for the assessments. Beyond evaluating competencies of existing Nurse Preceptors, the assessments can be used to determine which experienced nurses could be developed into successful preceptors.

"Prophecy assessments has been a great tool for the University of Colorado Health," commented Kim D. Cooper, RN, MSN, CMSRN, Clinical Development Educator at University of Colorado Health at Memorial Hospital. "The new Preceptor Assessment is outstanding and a great way to make sure your preceptor has a firm foundation on basic knowledge of precepting. Prophecy uses Evidence-based Practice to stay up-to-date on their assessments."

The Preceptor Assessment helps RNs determine if they have the knowledge and skills to be a successful preceptor, such as understanding adults possess their own unique learning style and how education should be adapted to meet these individual characteristics. Skills in critical thinking, problem solving and communication are examined, all of which are imperative to be a successful preceptor. Since preceptor RNs must be familiar with how to create, implement, revise, and evaluate an orientation plan, the Preceptor assessment assists in clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the preceptor. And, most importantly, the application of knowledge will help determine how the RN would address different scenarios and if they would be able to function in the many roles of a preceptor, such as educator, coach, socializer, and mentor.

Prophecy's exam library continues to expand thanks to dedicated facility and staffing organization validation partners throughout the US. With more specialties slated for development in 2015, Prophecy clients look to gain access to many new online clinical competency exams before year-end.

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