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Cramer Remix: My weird Apple Watch moment

Cramer's weird Apple Watch moment
Cramer's weird Apple Watch moment

All Jim Cramer has been hearing so far about earnings season is how disappointing it has been. Ha! Don't tell that to investors who own Amazon, Google or Starbucks because those stocks shot through the roof on Friday and acted as a catalyst for the averages.

"So let's stop it with the woeful earnings and start taking advantage of the opportunities wherever we can find them," the "Mad Money" host said.

Cramer wore his new Apple Watch on the set of "Mad Money" on Friday, to talk about what is on investor minds this weekend—Apple earnings. And while the moment was a bit weird when he tried to show off the watch—and it rolled off his wrist—his love for the stock has not faded.

As a recap: Cramer believes in holding Apple, not trading it. And as long as it continues to be cheaper than the average stock in the S&P 500, continues to maintain its beautiful balance sheet, keeps its dividend and Tim Cook's team keeps cranking out the creativity in its amazing products—Cramer will not change his opinion on it.

So what is the best way to play Apple on earnings on Monday?

Cramer advised that if you own Apple, do nothing. If you don't, then simply wait for some analyst to complain about how disappointed with the quarter they are and wait for the stock to pullback. Then swoop in, and gobble up the stock at a discount.

"These Apple analysts seem to crave the downgrade, there's always someone wanting to make the big top call with Apple. That will be your chance," Cramer added.

But either way, Cramer sees so much potential in the pipeline for Apple that he wants all investors to own the stock.

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Jim Cramer on Mad Money.

Another stock on Cramer's radar on Friday was Core Laboratories. It is a provider of reservoir production enhancement and management services to the oil and gas industry. It uses technology to analyze rock and fluids in the oil reservoirs to allow clients to improve production efficiency and figure out where to drill.

Its stock was fueled even higher when it reported a spectacular quarter on Thursday, going up 10 percent. Could the return of Core Labs indicate higher prices for the oil patch? To find out more, Cramer spoke with Core Laboratories CEO David Demshur.

"Net-net by the end of the year we ought to see a very tight crude oil supply and demand market, higher crude prices with a v-shaped recovery activity led again by the shales in the United States."

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Thursday night was a rare occasion for Wall Street, and Jim Cramer is still basking in the glow of earnings perfection. Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Starbucks all delivered fantastic quarters, proving that things have gotten about as good as they can get.

"They were terrific for all different reasons but they were perfect nonetheless, at least for this market," the "Mad Money" host said.

All four companies held stellar conference calls, which matters in the middle of earnings season as investors start to get earnings fatigue. Additionally, they all managed to pull off stories that were much more positive than expected.

It is a very rare occasion that everything comes together in one night of earnings, especially for these big four companies. This is one event that Cramer can't ignore, and he's giving them all a round of applause.

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As many investors are gripped in fear on what will happen when the Fed finally decides to raise interest rates, Cramer decided to look at the bright side of the equation and focus on positive implications of a higher interest rate environment.

That is why he chose to take a look at regional banks like Commerce Bancshares, which makes more money from client cash deposits based on net interest margin.

Commerce Bankshares is a regional bank that is based in the central region of the U.S. with 195 branches. It reported a strong quarter last week, especially with a lot of the loan growth coming from oil patch areas such as Oklahoma and Texas despite the thought that the decline in oil prices will hurt these oil rich states.

Could this regional bank be headed higher thanks to an imminent rise in interest rates and lower oil prices? To find out, Cramer spoke with Commerce Bancshares' David Kemper.

"We are getting probably triple the loan growth in those markets, and it's about 10 percent of our commercial loans now. So it has been a great place to expand and we are going to put more resources into there," Kemper said.

And while many of the high profile stocks roared on Friday, Cramer took the time to highlight under-the-radar stocks that also surged. Qlik Technologies is the provider of data analytics software that allows its clients to share insights and analysis across groups and organizations.

With its shares hitting a 52-week high on Friday, could it have legs to run higher? Cramer spoke with Qlik CEO Lars Bjork to hear about what could be in store.

"We have a relentless focus on the ease of use. If it's not simple to use, it won't be used. That is where we are coming from," Bjork said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Royal Dutch Shell: "My charitable trust decided to sell this and buy more growth oils, because we feel like oil is coming back. We feel that this acquisition that they made they paid too much for so I am no longer a fan of Royal Dutch Shell."

Netflix: "We have to take a page off the old trading floor here. Netflix? You missed it. There was a time to buy Netflix and that was before the quarter. Now you have to wait for it to come in again, the train has left the station without you."

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