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Here are 9 must-have Apple Watch apps

Apple Watch

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9 good starter Apple Watch apps

If you're one of the lucky few who will be strapping an Apple Watch onto your wrist this week, your search for useful apps may already be underway.

While the watch comes preloaded with interchangeable faces and alerts for texts, calls and emails, that novelty isn't enough to justify the expense, and certainly doesn't fulfill the device's potential.

Because it's so early in the Apple Watch lifecycle, most of the apps for it are refinements of existing iPhone (and iPad) apps, but some are better than others—and a few apps made specifically for the watch could be worth a look.

While the watch app landscape will almost certainly be dramatically different in six months—and the functionality of the device should be much wider by then—here are 9 good starter apps that demonstrate what the Apple Watch can do.

Chris Morris, CNBC.

Posted 24 April 2015

Stefanie Loos | Reuters