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The countdown to Apple earnings: Play it right!

Cramer: Stop moaning about bad earnings

All Jim Cramer has been hearing so far about earnings season is how disappointing it has been. Ha! Don't tell that to investors who own Amazon, Google or Starbucks because those stocks shot through the roof on Friday, which acted as a catalyst for the averages.

"So let's stop it with the woeful earnings and start taking advantage of the opportunities wherever we can find them," the "Mad Money" host said.

Next week's earnings will be kicked off with the one stock that everyone is drooling over, Apple. As a recap; Cramer believes in holding Apple, not trading it. And as long as it continues to be cheaper than the average stock in the S&P 500, continues to maintain its beautiful balance sheet, keeps its dividend and Tim Cook's team keeps cranking out the creativity in it's amazing products—Cramer will not change his opinion on it.

So what is the best way to play Apple on earnings on Monday?

Cramer advised that if you own Apple, do nothing. If you don't, then simply wait for some analyst to complain about how disappointed with the quarter they are and wait for the stock to pullback. Then swoop in, and gobble up the stock at a discount.

"These Apple analysts seem to crave the downgrade, there's always someone wanting to make the big top call with Apple. That will be your chance," Cramer added.

But either way, Cramer sees so much potential in the pipeline for Apple that he wants all investors to own the stock.

Jim Cramer on Mad Money.

Tuesday: Bristol-Myers Squibb, United Parcel, T-Mobile, Kraft, Twitter
Bristol-Myers: On Friday, Cramer heard rumors that Bristol-Myers was going to buy Celgene for $138 a share. Hogwash! He thinks the rumor is silly. So own Bristol-Myers because it's a good company and Celgene for the same reason, though he thinks Bristol should only be bought on weakness.

United Parcel: This company has been nothing but disappointment for Wall Street. However, Cramer thinks this time things could be different simply because UPS simply just can't be this bad. And if they disappoint again, Cramer might have to take this CEO on a trip to the wall of shame.

T-Mobile: "The magenta shirt-wearing John Legere is the most flamboyant and boisterous CEO in the telco industry, but let me tell you a big secret. He's also the best in his business, and I expect nothing less than a solid-as-can-be number," Cramer said.

Kraft: After the announcement of its merger with Heinz, Cramer thinks investors will be surprised to hear that the company is doing better than expected. He said to buy half before it reports, and half after.

Twitter: This is another stock that Cramer wants investors to own. He's ready for a breakout quarter, and doesn't know when it's going to happen. But either way, investors need to be ready for it.

Wednesday: Fiat Chrysler, Spirit, Marriott
Fiat Chrysler: General Motors and Ford may have had disappointing numbers recently, but Cramer thinks that won't be the case when Fiat Chrysler reports. This one is ready to break out.

Spirit: With the airlines facing headwinds due to the strong dollar in their overseas routes, Cramer loves the domestic airline Spirit. He's betting it will fly higher after the quarter.

Thursday: Exxon Mobil, Columbia Sportswear
Exxon Mobil: Cramer is interested to hear what this oil patch big dog has to say about oil, and whether the price has bottomed. He's looking to hear if it will be putting more money to work right now and if there will be production growth.

Friday: CVS, Chevron
CVS: With the perfect combination of sales and awesome prescription numbers, Cramer thinks this is the perfect domestic play. As the stock has taken a breather recently, he recommended buying call options on the stock before it reports.

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Chevron: It will be interesting to hear what Chevron's perspective on oil will be versus Exxon. Cramer thinks that Chevron will acknowledge that a bottom has been reached, and wants to know if the company will be buying back any shares.

So ultimately there are some fantastic companies reporting next week, all of which could present opportunities. Cramer wants Wall Street to stop groaning about earnings, and start doing some buying.

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