Why uranium is a smart investment: Experts

Uranium is hot! Portfolios go nuclear

Uranium is a smart investment because lack of supply and strong demand should send prices higher, analyst Rob Chang said Friday.

"It's been moving up because frankly there isn't enough production to meet demand," said Chang, senior analyst and head of metals and mining for Cantor Fitzgerald.

"We're actually forecasting by 2020 that there is going to be an unavoidable supply deficit."

In an interview with "Closing Bell," Chang said nuclear energy is preferred because it is clean relative to other sources.

The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant under construction in Taishan, Guangdong province, China.
Bobby Yi | Reuters

China is the best example of the demand potential, he noted.

"For a country like China, where health is going to be an issue with the population problem, you're going to need … clean sources of electricity, and nuclear is the best option," he explained.

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David Talbot, senior mining analyst at Dundee Capital Markets, said the reason for the supply shortage is because the commodity is difficult to get out of the ground. There are also geopolitical issues surrounding it, he added.

The excess supply gap in the market is shrinking, Talbot said, and he expects it to disappear by 2017.

In addition, there are 65 nuclear reactors now under construction around the world, with 58 percent located in China, Russia and India.

Talbot likes Uranium Participation, Cameco, NexGen and Denison Mines as uranium plays. Chang recommends owning Fission Uranium, Enerplus and Denison Mines.

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—Laura Petti contributed to this report.

Disclosure: Chang owns Fission Uranium, Enerplus and Denison Mines. Dundee Captial Markets has provided investment banking services to Denison Mines Corp. and NexGen Energy Ltd. in the past 12 months.