Century Center Chiropractic Announces New High-Tech Equipment for Enhanced Pain Relief

ATLANTA, April 26, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Century Center Chiropractic announced that the practice has added a quantum intersegmental traction table as well as a Quattro 2.5 interferential muscle stimulation machine. The practice is now able to provide muscle stimulation to patients while they are receiving a hydro massage. According to Dr. Jared Simon, the addition of muscle stimulation during the massage enhances relaxation and improves pain management and injury rehabilitation benefits. This new equipment joins other high-tech equipment currently in use by the chiropractic center, including a decompression therapy table. Dr. Simon says that these physical therapeutics and exercise rehabilitation treatments are an important part of the injury recovery and pain management process.

Atlanta patients who are healing following an injury now have access to a new injury rehabilitation treatment. Century Center Chiropractic has added two new pieces of equipment to enhance the treatment options that will be available through the practice, says Atlanta chiropractor Dr. Jared Simon.

"Our new, high-tech equipment reflects our commitment to providing patients with the highest quality care," said Dr. Simon. "The traction table, for example, is one of the most advanced traction tables currently on the market. It plays an important role in relieving pressure on the spine following a disc injury, like a herniated disc. By creating space between the vertebra, natural traction is an effective treatment option for relieving pain and restoring a greater range of mobility to the body."

Dr. Simon says that the Quattro 2.5 interferential muscle stimulation machine will be used in conjunction with hydro massage treatments to enhance relaxation. Hydro massage uses water as an alternative form of massage therapy to relieve a patient's aches and pains, enhance feelings of relaxation, and improve overall health. By adding muscle stimulation treatment to hydro massage therapy, Dr. Simon says patients will enjoy an enhanced level of relaxation and well being.

"Hydro massage is designed as a time efficient means for enjoying maximum relaxation and pain relief from daily aches and pains," said Dr. Simon. "The addition of muscle stimulation increases the benefits available from this therapy."

Dr. Simon is encouraging both current and prospective patients to learn more about the benefits of new technologies for pain management and injury rehabilitation. In addition to the traction table and muscle stimulation machine, Century Center Chiropractic offers several high-tech treatment machines, said Dr. Simon.

"Our new equipment is in a natural complement to our existing physical therapeutics, including decompression inversion therapy and exercise rehabilitation," said Dr. Simon. "We believe in bringing the latest technology directly to patients."

Century Center Chiropractic provides drug-free pain management and injury rehabilitation treatment. To learn more about these services, visit http://centurycenterchiro.com/.

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