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EU missing the point on Google regulation: McNamee

I feel really good about Apple: McNamee

The European Union's efforts to regulate Google are missing the point in focusing the tech giant's competitive position as opposed to more pertinent issues like data privacy, said Roger McNamee, co-founder of Elevation Partners.

"I look at all of these attempts in Europe to regulate Google and I want to say 'guys, you just need to be reading the newspaper. You need to be running a little bit closer to what's really going on.' Focusing on the issues from three or four years ago isn't going to work," McNamee said Monday on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

McNamee made his remarks nearly two weeks after the EU filed antitrust charges against the tech giant, alleging the company "abused its dominant position" in the Internet search market.

"I observe the real battles here are about privacy and about people's control of private information [but] whenever they go into things of competitiveness … I think they're making a terrible mistake," McNamee said.

'Really hard to think negatively about Apple'

McNamee also shared his expectations about Apple's latest quarterly earnings, which are due to be released after the bell.

"To me, all of the issues that we've seen in the marketplace for Apple, whether it's related to shipping enough volume of the Apple Watch or whatever, are all challenges that come with having success," McNamee said. "It's really hard to make a negative scenario out of what's happening at Apple right now."

Slice Intelligence, a research firm, said Sunday that only 22 percent of pre-ordered Apple Watches have been shipped for delivery, while the delivery dates of over 35 percent of orders remained "unknown."

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