Grief Counselors' Tips for Those Coping with Loss on Mother's Day

CLEVELAND, OHIO, April 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mother's Day, May 10, is usually a time of celebration. But for some, the time can be filled with pain and sorrow. Not everyone will be buying flowers or going to brunch with the family. For those who have experienced the recent death of a mother, are struggling with infertility, coping with the loss of an infant or child, or who have difficult relationships with their mothers, here are some suggestions from the grief counselors at the Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Bereavement Center, Hospice of the Western Reserve:

For adults grieving the loss of a mother

  • Don't try to minimize the loss. Acknowledge your loss and the difficulty this day brings.
  • Do something positive in memory of your mother or engage in an activity that will connect you to her. Complete a ritual such as lighting a candle, visiting the gravesite, planting flowers in her memory or making her favorite recipe..
  • Buy a Mother's Day card and write the sentiments you would like to express.

For children grieving their mother

  • Let them know it's okay to miss mom and cry if they need to.
  • Read them stories and books mom used to read.
  • Have them make a Mother's Day card or write a letter.
  • Reminisce together by looking at photo albums and listening to music.
  • Engage in activities that mom used to like to do.
  • Create memories of mom (make a scrapbook, plant a tree, organize a fundraiser).
  • Encourage creative and active play.

For women grieving their children

  • Give yourself permission to grieve. Cry when you need to cry.
  • Tell and re-tell the story. Use your child's name.
  • Reach out to others. Seek out a grief counselor or a support group.
  • Consider starting a journal intended for your eyes only to express your feelings.
  • Celebrate your child by giving a donation to a local scholarship fund or children's organization.

For grief support assistance

The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Bereavement Center, a community-based grief support program, provides services throughout Northern Ohio. Programs are available for anyone who has experienced a loss due to death, whether or not Hospice of the Western Reserve was involved. Support groups and programming for children and adults, art therapy programs and wellness initiatives, many of which are free, are among the many options. To learn more, visit groSupporups, or call 216.486.6838.

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