System Solutions Announces Microsoft RMS POS Software Fertilizer Blender

GLASTONBURY, Conn., April 27, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Microsoft’s Retail Management System (RMS) point of sale has fully functioning Fertilizer Blender software. Microsoft’s RMS is one of the best known farm and garden store management systems in the world with many more features and benefits than proprietary systems. Now with Microsoft’s RMS Fertilizer Blender “The combination of technology makes the fastest, lowest cost solution to sell, create custom formulas, and use pre-set formulas simultaneously in the store front while maintaining materials inventory in the back” says Dan O’Flaherty of System Solutions, a Microsoft RMS POS certified partner.

Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) point of sale Fertilizer Blender provides an easy-to-use solution for retailers selling custom fertilizer blends. The Microsoft RMS Fertilizer Blender allows users to easily create and sell custom fertilizer blends at the point of sale providing an all-in-one solution for retailers. The Fertilizer Blender blends fertilizer based on application rates, tracks ingredients, saves customer-specific formulas for quick reference and later use, and provides the ability to save unlimited pre-set formulas. This seamless solution is perfect for agriculture retailers aiming to provide quick and easy customer experience.

Microsoft is the leader in PC, server, and business software worldwide. Microsoft’s RMS POS system is sold and installed in over 50,000 locations. Single and multi-store agriculture, farm, feed, garden, hardware, and lumber stores can purchase Microsoft retail POS technology backed by an ecosystem of Microsoft trained retail professionals in every state. “With proprietary point of sale systems, retailers really have limited or no choices when it comes to available features or support options. These companies just don’t have the depth of retail knowledge, money and resources of Microsoft and it’s ecosystem of retail partners” says Dan O’Flaherty of System Solutions.

For more information on the solution, visit: Microsoft RMS Fertilizer Blender or call (800) 632-9902.

Source:System Solutions, LLC