Honus Wagner card sold for $1.32M 'bargain'

The 1909 baseball card of Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop Honus Wagner.
Scott Eells | Bloomberg | Getty Images

While $1.32 million may be considered a lot of money in most instances, it is certainly considered a bargain on this (Tweet This).

A 1909 Honus Wagner baseball card was auctioned off for $1.32 million on Sunday, a bargain when considering other copies of the card have sold for more than $2 million, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

The card's high value comes from its rarity, as it is part of the T206 line issued by the American Tobacco Co. between 1909 and 1911, of which fewer than 200 cards were made, the report said.

"This is a phenomenal-looking card in all respects that elicits a positive and awed response from everyone who sees it," said Robert Edwards Auctions, the company conducting the auction. "The colors are noticeably brighter, fresher, and bolder than virtually every other T206 Wagner in existence. The image is perfect, and it shows just enough honest wear to give it character but not serve as a distraction in any way."

The buyer and seller weren't identified.

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