US gas prices rose around 5 pct in late April: Survey

Gas prices rising

The average price of regular-grade gasoline in the United States rose about 5 percent in the past two weeks to $2.58 per gallon, according to the Lundberg survey released on Sunday.

The 13 cent per gallon increase brought U.S. gasoline prices to their highest point so far in 2015, according to Trilby Lundberg, publisher of the survey. Still, prices are substantially lower than one year ago, when gasoline cost around $3.69 per gallon.

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Lundberg said the increase was mostly due to higher crude oil prices, although the phasing in of higher cost spring and summer gasoline blends also contributed.

The lowest-price gasoline in the survey area of the 48 contiguous U.S. states was in Tucson, Arizona, at $2.20 per gallon. The highest price was in Los Angeles, at $3.30 per gallon.

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