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Avengers disassemble! German cinemas boycott superhero film

Without having even entered U.S. theaters yet, "Age of Ultron" scooped up more than $201 million last weekend, yet some movie fans in Germany are having to travel hours or wait for the DVD to see this latest installment of "The Avengers."

Almost 700 movie screens in close to 200 theaters across Germany will not show the superhero movie, after Disney raised its rental fees starting with the "Avengers" movie release last Thursday.

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Walt Disney Studios raised the fee from 47.7 percent of ticket sales to 53 percent, and now small German cinemas are complaining that this is too much.

Not only that, Disney has told film associations like Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater (HDF), an organization representing German cinemas, that the money given to cinemas for advertising has been cut along with funds for technological devices, such as 3D glasses.

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Andreas Kramer, a member of HDF, told news source Deutsche Welle that these new conditions imposed on the industry were "a scandal," while others said that this rise in prices was a "serious problem" that could force theaters to close.

Kramer added that this would seriously hurt the industry, as cinemas are continually adapting to new technologies—such as 3D films—and he estimated that 3.4 billion euros had been spent to accommodate these new digital advances, by equipping theaters with digital projection technology.

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Despite 686 screens banning the film, German comic book fans still turned out in heaps to watch the film in Germany's bigger cities, with those box offices having generated $9.3 million on the opening weekend.

If this continues, Disney could be impacted with future releases, such as "Tomorrowland" and "Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens."

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Disney was unavailable to comment when contacted by CNBC. However, it recently released a statement saying that "it goes against our company policy to publicly comment on confidential details regarding our business relationships."

Boycotting films isn't something new. Cinema chains had declared a boycott on Netflix's first film feature, "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon II: The Green Legend" after the company announced that it would make it available to stream online simultaneously.

This year, Twitter users called upon moviegoers to boycott Disney's live action feature, "Cinderella," due to the tiny waist of Cinderella, played by actress Lily James.

Correction: This article has been updated to reflect that almost 700 movie screens in Germany will not show the film.