Double Crown Resources Takes Major Step Forward as Purchase Order Valued Over $1 Million is Booked and Game-Changing Transport System is Poised for Commercial Launch

HENDERSON, Nev, April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Double Crown Resources, Inc. (OTCQB: DDCC), a fully reporting company, has reached a pivotal point in its corporate development with several major company milestones at this time. Most significantly, a new, signed purchase order has now been received for an industrial quantity shipment of strategic mineral needed by an oilfield drilling operation in Latin America. This order is valued at over $1 million gross. The order just received and expected future shipments will be made from Double Crown's high grade mining sources and are planned as the initial phase of a pilot program for ongoing deliveries on a regular basis. This project is one of several direct commodity supply arrangements that Double Crown management has been developing over many months with its customers.

Another milestone at this point is the company being positioned to launch the advanced and unparalleled TransLock² (TransLock Squared) interlocking bulk material transport system into commercial applications on an international scale. The TransLock² has undergone intense development and refinement to produce a transport technology system for rail, road and water shipments with the potential to provide game-changing improvements in the delivery of commodity products across a wide range of industries including mining & oilfield services, agriculture, construction materials, chemicals, fluid products and more. The TransLock² system is an original and unique design on which Double Crown has made filings for both domestic and international patent protection.

CEO & Chairman of the Board Jerold S. Drew stated, "As we move forward into the commercial phase of our business plan on the milestone announcement of our first industrial quantity supply orders and other positive developments, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the shareholders and investors of Double Crown Resources for their support and patience. Our President Allen E. Lopez, our management team and all of our associates have laid an incredible amount of groundwork to get the company to this point where it can now assume the far reaching roles for which it was intended. With our plentiful, high quality commodity resources as well as our technological assets including the advanced TransLock² container system, we expect to fulfill all aspects of our company mission. I believe that 2015 will be the year that we have all been waiting for as we put the company we have built to work for the benefit of our customers and to return rewards for all our shareholders."

About Double Crown Resources, Inc.

Double Crown Resources, Inc. (Trading Symbol: DDCC) is a public, fully reporting company in the natural resource development and supply business with a primary focus on marketing the patent-pending, multi-advantage container system called TransLock² (TransLock Squared). This system is designed for highly efficient, economical and environmentally friendly shipment of aggregate commodities to the oilfield services industry. TransLock² may also be used to transport fluid shipments for a wide range of other industries including agriculture, chemicals, construction, etc. Oilfield service & commodity supply projects are another main focus of marketing activity. Additionally, the company holds a 100% interest in the Bateman gold & nickel prospect near Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Double Crown Resources, Inc., originally founded in 2006, is based in Henderson, NV with marketing offices in Houston, TX.

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