OPEN MINDS Announces National Behavioral Health System Market Intelligence: Profiles Of All 50 States

GETTYSBURG, Pa., April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The OPEN MINDS Market Intelligence Team announced its new OPEN MINDS Behavioral Health System State Profiles series. In-depth state profiles of the mental health and addiction treatment system will be available from the OPEN MINDS web site this week.

Each state profile includes essential market intelligence data specific to the state's behavioral health system, including:

  • Health Care Coverage Map – A chart illustrating the state's health care coverage breakdown – by the Medicaid, Medicaid expansion, Medicare, dual eligibles, commercial insurance, and health insurance marketplace populations.
  • Largest Health Plans By Enrollment – A list of the largest health plans in operation in the state and a list of the largest health plans by SMI enrollment.
  • Medicaid System Overview – An easy-to-read snapshot of the state's Medicaid finance delivery system and risk-based arrangements.
  • Medicaid Governance – A chart showing how the state's Medicaid system is organized and the key players at the Medicaid department.
  • Medicaid Financing & Service Delivery – A close look at the state's Medicaid financing system, the population covered and which services are covered.
  • Pending Changes To Medicaid System – A clear timeline of the changes the state plans to make over the next five years and any long-term initiatives that have been proposed.
  • New Initiatives For Dual Eligible Population – A review of any new programs in place or planned for the dual eligible population, including state-specific programs and the federal dual demonstration program.
  • State Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Department Organization Chart – A chart showing how the state's mental health and addiction treatment system is organized and the key players at the mental health department.
  • Largest Organizations Providing Mental Health Services – A list of, by revenue, of the largest organizations by outpatient services only, and a list, by revenue, of the largest organizations with inpatient or residential services.

"One of the effects of health care reform and the increased use of managed care is that states health and human service systems have become less and less similar. The benefits, the payers, the Medicaid expansion models, and more. We're providing strategy teams and marketing teams in the field with an up-to-date, data-rich snapshot of each state's market -- essential information for business planning," said Monica E. Oss, OPEN MINDS Chief Executive Officer. "Our team has done the work for them and can now provide the organizations with this vital information that can be used to develop their unique, successful market strategies. This thorough breakdown of such content it an invaluable tool in today's fast paced environment."

"Unless you fully understand the current key market issues and how they affect your state, you can't survive, let alone thrive, in the market," explains Oss. "And when it comes to assessing how to move forward with a new strategy or achieving performance goals, the number of potential resources available for executives can be daunting. The OPEN MINDS Behavioral Health System State Profiles clearly present the elements of each state's system and allow executives to examine how these nationwide trends are playing out in their own market."

To learn more about the OPEN MINDS Behavioral Health System State Profiles, visit the OPEN MINDS website or contact the OPEN MINDS team at or 717-334-1329.

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