SPS Commerce Announces New Era of Intuitive, Agile Analytics for Omnichannel Retail

MINNEAPOLIS, April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SPS Commerce, Inc. (Nasdaq:SPSC), a leader in retail cloud services, today unveiled Collaboration Analytics at the SPS Commerce Influence 2015 conference. The new offering delivers accessible, responsive and intuitive analytics powering the collaborative decision-making required to meet consumers' expectations. Built on the SPS Commerce Platform, Collaboration Analytics is exclusively designed to deliver the capabilities required for omnichannel retail success. The technology equips retailers and suppliers with sales and inventory information to ensure no sales are missed by having the right product, at the right time and at the right location where customers choose to purchase. Its analyses are brought to life using high-impact, cloud-based data visualization and are accessible from any desktop, browser or mobile device.

"Analytics is one of the critical capabilities retailers and suppliers use to keep pace with today's consumers and their rapidly changing expectations for price, availability and quick fulfillment," stated Archie Black, president and CEO of SPS Commerce. "This insight becomes even more powerful when it transforms the buyer and seller relationship into a cooperative partnership. Collaboration Analytics sets a new standard for retail and delivers the most powerful, accessible and easy-to-use analytics in the industry."

Gartner's March 2015 report on Top Retail Business and Technology Trends states, "Advanced analytics is now a 'must have' capability for leading retailers to be able to improve decision making in planning and execution." Collaboration Analytics is the latest omnichannel retail solution from SPS, based on more than a decade of analytics experience. Suppliers use the SPS analytics solutions to gain insight across 360,000 store and e-commerce shipping locations. In addition, retailers, grocers and distributors in the SPS retail network can provide their vendors with actionable sales and inventory analyses.

Collaboration Analytics offers:

  • Common data views of sales performance for retailers and suppliers;
  • Point-of-sale, inventory and other data spanning 360,000 locations;
  • Custom and tailored dashboards for retail buyers and sellers;
  • Comprehensive metrics;
  • Data visualization options; and
  • Universal accessibility (desktop, online, mobile).

"Omnichannel retail is driving retailers and suppliers to improve our collaboration to make joint decisions," said Sandy Mac Gilvray, vice president – MIO/Vendor Services at Boscov's Department Store. "Boscov's has chosen to work with SPS to provide our vendors with accurate and timely analyses that fosters improved sales strategies with our buying team. By teaming with our vendors, we can better identify opportunities and potential inventory shortages with the advanced analytics delivered by SPS Commerce."

"Data and the subsequent insights are at the heart of all great retailers and suppliers," stated Derek Panfil, senior vice president of merchandising at Pets Supplies Plus. "At Pets Supplies Plus, we were rich with data but lacked information and insight. By working with SPS, we have been able to organize our data to unlock insights with our suppliers in ways that we could not have accomplished on our own."

"Collaboration Analytics helps retailers and suppliers work together to achieve mutual goals in today's fast-paced retail environment," said David O'Neil, principal at Delta Associates. "The solution provides the omnichannel retail insight that other analytics offerings cannot address and delivers the largest network of suppliers who are ready to collaborate with buyers."

About the SPS Commerce Platform

SPS Commerce transformed the retail industry more than a decade ago with its cloud-based supply chain solutions. Today, the company continues to innovate with its SPS Commerce Platform. From a scalable and secure cloud foundation, the SPS Commerce Platform uses social graph technology to provide the responsiveness and agility required to meet the needs of today's omnichannel shoppers.

The SPS Commerce Platform delivers four essential capabilities for omnichannel retail: analytics, assortment, fulfillment and sourcing, as well as value-added solutions from our community of over 400 partners. With a global retail network comprised of more than 60,000 organizations, SPS Commerce also helps trading partners onboard members of their community onto these four core omnichannel capabilities.

About SPS Commerce

SPS Commerce perfects the power of trading partner relationships with the industry's most broadly adopted, retail cloud services platform. As a leader in cloud-based supply chain management solutions, we provide proven integrations and comprehensive retail performance analytics to thousands of customers worldwide. SPS Commerce has achieved 57 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and is headquartered in Minneapolis. For additional information, please contact SPS Commerce at 866-245-8100 or visit www.spscommerce.com.

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