Syndication Inc., Acquires "Day TradeXchange"; Brings the Proprietary Futures Trading Software and Target Indicator "ARCHER", to the Public

DAMASCUS, Md., April 28, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Syndication Inc., (SYNJ.PK), reports that on April 24th, 2015, the Company's Board approved the acquisition of "Day TradeXchange" and the proprietary futures trading software and target indicator "ARCHER".

The Company reported that it sold 20% of Syndication Inc. with performance incentives that provide for an additional 27.5%, in exchange for 100% control of Day TradeXchange (DTX), and the software design and APP engineering rights to the Futures Trading Indicator software known as "ARCHER".

The Day TradeXchange trade room and marketing platform will be rolled out in phases starting on or about May 12th 2015. Phase 1 will open to the public the DTX live futures trading room featuring the "ARCHER" trading program. Hosted daily by professional traders, the DTX trading room will broadcast live trade calls and instructional seminars for DTX subscription members.

Today's trading indicators attempt to predict future price movement based on historical trade data, (trades that have already happened). ARCHER predicts price movement based on trading activity that is about to happen. Linked directly to the Chicago Mercantile and Commodities Option Exchanges (CME, CBOT and CBOE), ARCHER is uniquely designed to recognize buildups of "pending orders" that could produce volume surges with the potential of influencing price movement in either a short or long direction. ARCHER signals the trader in advance allowing them to profit by placing their order ahead of the forecasted volume surge and subsequent price movement.

With 20 years of trading experience, Dale Kazdan the Chief trader and design engineer of ARCHER was asked what makes ARCHER different from other available trading programs, he responded "When it comes to the trading systems out there, they're all based on historical data; We already know what happened, ARCHER tells you what's gonna happen," said Kazdan.

Day TradeXchange will cater to the "DAY TRADER", the fastest growing sector of participation in the stock, options, and futures trading markets today. A distinction that covers a broad range of financial profiles from those looking to supplement their income to those supplementing their retirement portfolio. The one constant shared by all is that they are complex and most importantly, require many hours and weeks of training to learn them. With little instruction ARCHER allows the trader to use the program almost immediately without requiring them to go back to college to learn it. The program simply tells the trader where and when to enter and exit the market in order to capture his profits and is universally applicable to all agriculture, financial and exchange index futures option products typically traded by the day trader. Privately used by an exclusive group of professional traders for over 3 years, ARCHER is being offered to the public for the first time by Day TradeXchange. Subscriptions are temporarily available at a promotional discount rate of $197 per month to mark the opening and first public broadcast of the DTX trading room. Contact the Company to register for a FREE TRIAL ACCESS PASS.

Additional information on quarterly, semi-annual and annual trading room subscription packages as well as the ARCHER Software lease program is available by calling DTX at 888-422-5515 or by e-mail at; Call to register for our FREE 3 DAY promotional live trading room seminars.

The Company indicated that additional news on executed partnerships with nationally established trading platforms for the use and sales of ARCHER products, partnerships with registered broker dealers, ARCHER APP development, and the company's financial fillings will be released over the next coming days.

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