Hollywood's top 10 art collectors

The serious business of art collecting in Hollywood
The serious business of art collecting in Hollywood

For these Hollywood superstars, art collecting is serious business.

Even after selling two of his most valuable works, entertainment industry mogul David Geffen has amassed an art collection worth an estimated $2.3 billion—or nearly a third of his total net worth of $7 billion, according to a new report from Wealth-X.

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And that's after Geffen's notable sales of Jackson Pollock's "Number 5" and Willem de Kooning's "Woman III" for a combined $277 million in 2006.

George Lucas
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But Geffen isn't alone in his interest in the art market. According to the report, the combined value of the works owned by Hollywood's top 10 collectors totals $3.9 billion, or 16 percent of their collective net worth.

No doubt the soaring value of art has helped to boost these numbers. Talk of an art bubble has persisted as worldwide sales of art rose to an all-time high of $53.7 billion last year, according to the annual TEFAF Art Market Report.

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But owning art isn't just about the investment. There presumably is the enjoyment of the artwork itself as well as the prestige it brings.

"Star Wars" creator George Lucas' vast collection includes works from Norman Rockwell and Alberto Vargas, among others. He'll be sharing parts of his collection with the public once his $300 million museum in Chicago opens, possibly by 2018.

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Wealth-X estimates Lucas' collection to be worth $600 milllion, which places him second to Geffen on the list.

The entire top 10 ranking is below.

Hollywood's top 10 art collectors

Rank Name Estimated value of art collection Estimated net worth
1David Geffen2,3007,000
2George Lucas6006,400
3Arnon Milchan6005,000
4Steven Spielberg2403,200
5Jack Nicholson100400
6Steve Tisch50700
7Brad Pitt25400
8Jacob Bloom1495
9Michael Ovitz12380
10Leonardo DiCaprio10260

Source: Wealth-X (all dollar amounts in U.S. millions)