Apple 'test' iPad stolen from a Cupertino home: Report

Getty Images

A developer's worst nightmare took place in Cupertino, California earlier this month when an Apple iPad "test model" was stolen from a home during a robbery and brief kidnapping, reports the San Jose Mercury News. (Tweet this)

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said the iPad had not been recovered. "We are still investigating everything about this case," sheriff's spokesman Sgt. James Jensen told the Mercury News.

It is still not known what type of test model the iPad was and whether it was related to an upcoming product release.

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Two robbers also stole other electronics, prescription drugs and $7,500 in cash. A 20-year-old man was also kidnapped, according to the report (though he was released after being driven less than a mile by his kidnappers).

This isn't the first time an Apple product has been stolen before its public release. Five years ago, an Apple engineer left an iPhone 4 prototype in a bar, which was later found by two men and sold for $5,000.

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