INTL FCStone's CoffeeNetwork Releases Brazilian Coffee Crop Review

NEW YORK, April 29, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- INTL FCStone Inc.'s (Nasdaq:INTL) subsidiary, FCStone, LLC's coffee market information resource, CoffeeNetwork, today announced the availability of its Brazilian Coffee Crop Review on its website:

Uncertainties surrounding the harvest triggered significant volatility in the market as numerous international organizations released wide-ranging crop estimates. Brazil's own 2015-16 official estimates ranged from 40 million bags to 49 million bags, a difference which is more than the total of some coffee producing countries, leading to increased confusion and a lack of credibility.

CoffeeNetwork's report compares and analyzes the various crop estimates and their differences. Exclusive interviews with some of Brazil's most influential coffee agencies reveal answers to some of the hard-hitting questions surrounding the level of accuracy in the information they are providing the market. Additionally, the report will provide highlights of INTL FCStone's own Brazilian field assessments and crop analysis.

Alexis Rubinstein, CoffeeNetwork's Senior Editor, said, "With all the inconsistencies in the information coming out of Brazil, we wanted to bring all the available information together into one place, add our own observations and let the reader make up their own minds about the Brazilian coffee crop. The report ought to provide actionable information that will help its readers plan for the season."

CoffeeNetwork is part of CommodityNetwork, INTL FCStone's market information resource, providing the coffee, dairy and cotton industries with actionable information to help their customers run a more efficient and profitable business.

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