Airbnb horror story leaves Calgary home a wreck

Calgary family's Airbnb horror story

For those looking to unlock value in their homes, home-sharing service Airbnb offers an appealing reward: offsetting the cost of a vacation by renting out your own abode.

A Canadian family recently became all too acquainted with the risks of that proposition.

Star and Mark King recently returned to their Calgary home only to find the residence a wreck, after renting it on Airbnb to two adults who said they were in town for a wedding, CBC News reported. Soon after departing, the couple received text messages and calls from neighbors, who complained of a ruckus coming from the house.

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A police officer who responded to noise complaints found a party under way at the Kings' home, according to CBC News. The officer estimated the property had suffered damages of at least $50,000.

Airbnb said the family would be reimbursed, and that it had banned the user who originally rented the house. The company is cooperating with authorities.

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