Global Fashion Technologies, Inc. (GFTI) Entering The Market for Uniforms

Santa Fe Springs, CA, April 30, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Global Fashion Technologies Inc. (OTC: GFTI) using its one of a kind rejuvenation technology is focusing the commercial application of its technology on the unique and untapped market in commercial and industrial uniforms.

"This is a niche market which has been largely ignored. Uniformed companies have made great strides in sustainability everywhere except on their bodies, remarked Joy Nunn CTO of Global. Our patented rejuvenation technology will provide this segment of the workforce, which is vast, with sustainable fibers and fabrics which are odor and stain resistant, and also possess anti-microbial and thermal properties added Ms Nunn.

Global will employ a strategic 360 Loop approach which encompasses the collection of the industry's used uniforms and their subsequent rejuvenation in order to then provide sustainable, hi tech uniforms back to the uniformed companies industry added Ms. Nunn ."

Chris H Giordano Global's President stated "We are at the genesis of something truly unique. This one of a kind high tech production method has been used before on a smaller scale by Ms. Nunn in the recent past producing cotton fiber from scrap cotton for some well known companies.

We are now refocusing our combined efforts in order to utilize the Pure Tech 360 process on a very large scale initially in the market for corporate and institutional uniforms, which on a global basis is estimated at $40 Billion per year.

This is just the beginning of the opportunities to utilize our high tech advantages over the competition. The vertical markets that we can serve and gain market share in are truly boundless and range across a broad spectrum of industries. We expect to develop a footprint over time in industries ranging from apparel to home furninshings. It really is an exciting time for Global since we are in the final throws of taking the Pure Tech 360 process and making it commercial on a very substantial level."

CONTACT: CONTACT: Chris Giordano President 973-291-8900 Thomas Witthuhn Chief Marketing Officer 323-277-9090 Joy Nunn Chief Technology Officer 212-228-3070 ext. 100 Paul Serbiak Chief Operating Officer 212-228-3070 ext. 101 Source:Global Fashion Technologies Group, Inc