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How you can click away your energy bills

Anmar Frangoul | Special to
Click away your energy bills?
Click away your energy bills?

Our homes and offices eat up huge amounts of energy - almost a third of total energy consumption, according to figures from the International Energy Agency.

And of that one third, it's consumer electronics and computer equipment – key to office and home life – that make up for 15 percent of the planet's residential electricity consumption.

French company AVOB – an acronym for Alternative Vision of Business – has developed a range of software that helps companies manage their energy consumption.

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Pierre Duchesne is the CEO of AVOB. "This software allows for better energy management in businesses or at home," he told CNBC's Sustainable Energy.

"We'll pilot all the smart equipment used in business – or at home… computers, servers, printers, Wi-Fi hotspots, IP phones, air conditioners and tomorrow, solar panels or storage systems," he added.

"Thanks to this intelligence, we'll reduce energy consumption at home or in the enterprise from 10-50 percent."

AVOB has worked with a range of companies, including PepsiCo France and Toshiba TFIS France. Working together with clients, energy savings are tailored to individual needs.

"The company's manager will be able to, from our interface, manage the energy consumption of all the buildings all around the world, either in France or in the United States, or in India," Duchesne said.

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"In one click they'll be able to alter the temperature, lighting, the computer speed or the solar panels power in the building in this way," he added.

Jean Igor Mailfait is CEO of Toshiba TFIS France. He told Sustainable Energy that after using AVOB's software to manage power consumption, the company was now looking to expand its use.

"We will expand this service to buildings in the service sector and in particular to management of energy consumption, heating, air conditioning, even climate control," he said.