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This is the most contrarian trade of my career: Trader

The most contrarian play of my career: Trader
The most contrarian play of my career: Trader

Shares of coal producer Peabody Energy have been plunging for the last five years—falling 90 percent over that time. But "Fast Money" trader Steve Grasso is making a huge contrarian call that the worst is behind it.

"The Street doesn't want you to buy coal, nobody wants to buy coal, but I bought coal," said Grasso. According to his logic, if Peabody can stay above its multiyear low of $4.34, it could be off to the races for this beaten-down energy stock.

Grasso is eyeing three catalysts that could change Peabody's fortunes: production cuts in the sector; historically low prices of natural gas that he thinks are due to rise; and the possibility of Republicans reclaiming the White House, which he views as a potential positive development for the energy complex.

"I bought it because I think the upside is huge. They have to do a couple of things right. I think they're closer to the bottom than they've ever been before," said Grasso.

He added that it is a very risky trade, though, and to be wary of too much downside.

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Disclosure: Grasso is long Peabody Energy.