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Tech Drivers

Here's who won tech's big earnings season

Winners in the tech space

It was a mixed bag for earnings in the tech space this season, but one favorite stood out of the crowd for Mark Yusko, CEO and chief investment officer of Morgan Creek Capital Management.

Tech behemoth Apple beat earnings and revenue estimates, boosted its share buyback program and is relishing soaring iPhone sales.

While the shares have ballooned almost 15 percent this year, Apple's stock has a lot more room to run, Yusko said.

"This stock, actually if you can believe it, is cheap," Yusko said. "It's hard to use that (word) with ... a company valued at $800 billion ... but we think it's cheap and we think it could go to over $200. This company is dominating what they do."

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On the other end of the tech space, Yusko expects volatility in Twitter shares after the social media giant missed revenue expectations.

"They have to figure out monetization," Yusko said. "And if you remember, Facebook really struggled with this for a long time. The stock went down a lot, then it became a great 'buy.' Now it's become a dominant franchise. So as long as they keep growing, as long as they keep getting users and then figure out [the] monetization piece, they'll be fine."

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Besides Apple, Yusko is also looking at international companies for opportunities.

"We are really big fans of the Chinese Internet companies," Yusko said.

Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba are included among Yusko's picks.

Disclosure: Yusko owns shares of Apple,Tencent and Alibaba through a fund. He does not own Baidu and Twitter shares.