Workers in these fields are most likely to drink

Jetta Productions | Getty Images

As substance abuse continues to undermine labor productivity in the U.S., the government has taken it upon itself to figure out drinking rates among workers in various job categories.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said in an April 16 report that workers in the mining business recorded the highest rate of "past month heavy alcohol use" at 17.5 percent.

Nevertheless, the higher rate did not remain when controlling for age and gender, the report added. "This indicates that the high heavy alcohol use rate in the mining industry can be attributed to the demographic composition of the mining industry."

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Another industry with heavy alcohol consumers is construction. The report said that 16.5 percent of workers within this field have consumed heavy amounts of alcohol in the past month. "For the workers in the construction industry, this finding remained true even when controlling for gender and age differences across industries," the report said.