Floyd Mayweather will make more in one night than these companies do all year

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Floyd Mayweather is expected to make $120 million in Saturday night's fight against Manny Pacquaio, according to some estimates. His giant payday would actually put him ahead of the annual take of so many well-known companies.

For a quick comparison, here are just a sampling of American companies that have $75 million to $120 million in net income, according to FactSet data. Notice some especially hot names, like GoPro and Buffalo Wild Wings. Mayweather will make more in one night than these companies do in a year.

Moving on from net income, we can consider the companies that had around $120 million in revenues for the year. For our analysis, we considered 45 companies with net sales of $115 million to $125 million. These companies include Shake Shack (with $118.5 million in annual revenue), Boingo Wireless ($119 million), Carbonite ($123 million), and Brightcove ($125 million). Of these companies below, the median market cap is $304 million.

Obviously, the $120 million isn't the full picture for Mayweather's profitability on Saturday night. He might make more money—but he also has to pay taxes and his personnel, like trainers and managers. But as a rough snapshot, it's clear to see that Mayweather by himself is up there with some heavyweight American companies.

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