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Infogroup Data Licensing Scores Top Marks for Offering Best Value & Distribution for Listing Citations Solution Infogroup

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OMAHA, Neb., May 4, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infogroup Data Licensing, the provider of a leading SaaS local data platform, Data Axle® and business listing management solution Bulk Update® , announced today it ranked in first place for providing the best value and distribution when it came to listing citation solutions by the Expert Citation Survey 2015.

The independent survey enlisted the help of 22 local search experts to provide their insights and opinions on the importance, the effectiveness and the relevance of local search citations in 2015. The 22 experts were asked 12 questions related to local search citations.

"Infogroup continues to invest in the quality of both our business and consumer data assets and as result both have been validated for their quality by independent third parties," stated Michael Iaccarino, chairman and CEO.

"Infogroup is an important element of the customer demand for Moz Local, and a key partner in our success," said David Mihm, Director of Local Search Strategy at Moz Local. "With broad reach across prominent local directories, search engines and apps, they are among a small handful of companies where managing your business information is truly critical." Moz Local helps businesses easily make their online listings accurate, consistent, and visible across the web by partnering with several major data search aggregators.

"Infogroup has made large investments in its new Bulk Update platform and it's great to see a panel of experts recognize our product's value above and beyond other solutions in the listings management space," said Jeff Khadavi, president of Infogroup Data Licensing. "Infogroup goes through extensive measures to ensure data accuracy, which ultimately results in our data being trusted and published by our partners."

"We have been working with Infogroup Data Licensing for a little over a year utilizing their Bulk Update Platform, and have truly benefited from their vast distribution partner network. As a result, our company is able to realize listing management changes even faster for our clients accompanied by great customer service," said Brian Coryat, founder and CEO, Local Market Launch. Local Market Launch delivers business listings management and local presence solutions for national brands, multi-location businesses, franchises, and local SMBs.

Infogroup offers two listing management solutions to fit any need from small businesses to large companies, Express Update and Bulk Update, respectively. Express Update serves small businesses looking to claim or manage their business listing. Bulk Update is a single-step solution for business listing management enabling SMBs, major brands & resellers to claim and manage their listings. Infogroup in turn works with its network of partners to distribute client listings creating location data consistency across channels reaching millions of consumers.1020 E. 1st Street Papillion, NE 68046

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Infogroup Data Licensing is the leader and trusted source in providing high-value business data for clients in the search, navigation, mobile application, marketing and analytics industries. We provide real-time data that is human-verified by over 25 million calls per year and is delivered through our proprietary technology Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Solution Data Axle® . We also help our clients with compilation of custom datasets and data verification services. For more information, please visit

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