McDonald's, Chipotle & Starbucks bank on this man

Postmates America's best part-time job: CEO

Just as Chipotle and Starbucks have led the way to bank on San Francisco-based private company Postmates for on-demand delivery, it looks as if the company has racked up another behemoth client for delivery: McDonald's.

As the Golden Arches struggles to get sales back in the U.S., its new CEO, Steve Easterbrook, has implemented a series of changes to turn things around for McDonald's. It took one step closer towards modernization of service, by launching a test of McDonald's delivery with 88 restaurants throughout New York via Postmates.

A McDonald's restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.
Lucas Jackson | Reuters

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Last week Jim Cramer spoke with Postmates' CEO and co-founder Bastian Lehmann on "Mad Money" after its recent deal with Chipotle, in which Lehmann admitted the deal came about after Postmates received a cease-and-desist order from Chipotle telling them to stop delivery.

Lehmann told Cramer exclusively that the company ignored the request, continued delivery anyway and ultimately were able to enroll Chipotle as a client of Postmates.

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The on-demand delivery service Postmates boasts a phone application and promises to deliver anything in under an hour. It currently services 67 cities, and has even been compared to an Uber for couriers. In his interview with Cramer, Bastian stated "the idea behind Postmates is what if you can use the city as a warehouse."

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