DivvyCloud Expands Portfolio With Support for IBM SoftLayer

MCLEAN, Va., May 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DivvyCloud, an innovative cloud management software company, continues to add new providers to its portfolio of supported cloud technologies. DivvyCloud’s latest release adds support for SoftLayer, the fast growing infrastructure-as-a-service offering from IBM. By continuing to add new cloud integration to its Cloud Management Platform, DivvyCloud provides its customers ultimate flexibility to pursue the most appropriate cloud strategies to meet their evolving needs.

DivvyCloud's software is built from the ground up to support multiple public and private cloud technologies, effectively simplifying what has become an increasingly fragmented, costly and risky cloud footprint for many organizations. DivvyCloud manages and automates the entire lifecycle of software-defined infrastructure (or “clouds”) with an easy-to-use interface as well as an extensible, open architecture that allows customers to apply standard security, cost and operational policies across multiple cloud accounts and platforms.

“With strong investment and support from IBM, Softlayer has become a force to be reckoned with in IaaS markets worldwide,” noted DivvyCloud Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Scott. “We want to be sure DivvyCloud customers can operationalize their entire cloud footprint using our software technology.”

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About DivvyCloud

DivvyCloud software enables organizations to achieve their cloud computing goals by simplifying and automating the lifecycle management of IT resources across leading public/private cloud technologies. DivvyCloud was founded by seasoned technologists who understand first hand what is necessary to succeed in today’s dynamic, multi-cloud world. DivvyCloud delivers multi-cloud resource visibility, provisioning, automation, monitoring and migration capabilities to improve security, reduce costs, and maintain operational agility.

Media Contact: Peter Scott DivvyCloud, Chief Strategy Officer peter@divvycloud.com

Source: DivvyCloud