New Vitamin B Injections From Diet Doc Now Available to Those Seeking Better Weight Loss

SAN DIEGO, May 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In an attempt to help dieters more effectively boost energy naturally and eradicate belly fat, Diet Doc has created a powerful new nutraceutical named Lipo-B. Made up of a potent combination of natural weight loss aids, new Lipo-B injections contain a specially formulated preparation of essential vitamins and amino acids to maximize weight loss, while the unique injection delivery system allows users to target stubborn areas for fat elimination. Diet Doc users are finding new Lipo-B to be most effective at targeting stubborn belly fat, an area of concern for many Americans.

With its ability to effectively boost metabolism, increase energy, and even help balance cholesterol and lower the chances of gallstones, vitamin B is a widely praised and often used supplement in many diet products. Now, the experts at Diet Doc have discovered a way to provide all of the benefits of vitamin B in one effective and easy-to-consume product. Diet Doc's Lipo-B contains a proprietary formulation of essential and powerful vitamins and nutrients. Its unique delivery system, a small injection at the desired site, not only delivers the inherent benefits of the powerful B vitamins, but also allows users to apply Lipo-B to specific areas of the body as a weight loss catalyst, most choosing to target stubborn belly fat.

As part of the Diet Doc weight loss system, each patient receives a personalized treatment plan, which is individually created around the patient's individual goals and health factors. Before beginning Lipo-B supplementation, each new Diet Doc patient receives a consultation with a licensed doctor to evaluate current health status, treatment options, and long term weight loss and health goals. This consultation is conducted easily and privately via telephone or video conferencing software like Skype. Once a comprehensive weight loss plan has been created by Diet Doc physicians and nutritionists, patients gain access to great new prescription products like new Lipo-B, hormone injections for weight loss, as well as the full range of proprietary Diet Doc nutraceuticals and prescription weight loss aids.

For over a decade, Diet Doc has been utilizing supplements like new Lipo-B to improve patients' lives, helping over 97 percent achieve lasting weight loss. Because this legal, legitimate and effective medically supervised and administered weight loss plan has successfully helped dieters across the United States, Diet Doc has quickly become the nation's leading choice for fast and easy weight loss.

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