SoldierSocks And BiOM Team Up To Enable Veterans To Regain Ability To Walk Again With Personal Bionic Ankle


BiOM and SoldierSocks, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to working with veterans and veteran organizations, jointly announced that they have entered into an agreement to supply veterans with the BiOM ankle. Over the next three years, SoldierSocks has established a goal of purchasing one hundred BiOM ankles for use by veterans who don't qualify for the VA benefit. SoldierSocks' co-founder and Chairman, Chris Meek, stated, "SoldierSocks is expanding the range of medical devices that we are delivering to veterans to include the BiOM ankle for individuals with a lower extremity amputation. We wish to support our veterans by enabling affected individuals to walk again so that they can function more independently and have an improved quality of life. "

SoldierSuit and BiOM

The SoldierSocks SoldierSuit is the combination of several state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies that address a variety of combat-related disabilities. SoldierSocks is partnering with some of the country's most advanced medical technology firms, including Ekso Bionics, Myomo and BiOM. The products used individually or in combination help users live more fulfilling, empowered lives long after their service to our country is over. Together, we are working to make the BiOM ankle available to more veterans nationwide. Though the Veterans Administration is a strong and valuable supporter of the BiOM ankle, not all veterans qualify for the VA benefit. SoldierSocks has now added the BiOM ankle to its portfolio of state-of-the-art rehabilitation technologies. We are hoping to provide veterans with lower limb amputations, the opportunity to get more out of their prosthesis and more out of life.

About SoldierSocks

SoldierSocks, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit, was founded in 2009 to provide basic necessities such as baby wipes, socks and sunscreen to American soldiers fighting for our country in the trenches of Afghanistan and Iraq. As more of our soldiers return home to the U.S., SoldierSocks continues to assist our nation's heroes in re-acclimating to civilian life by providing scholarships for colleges and trade schools and offering paralyzed soldiers an opportunity to gain mobility outside of a wheelchair and in their homes.

To support SoldierSocks in their efforts to provide services to veterans across the United States, please visit our website at

About BiOM

Since 2006, BiOM has been committed to offering bionic solutions that restore normalized function and quality of life for people with amputations. More than 1,000 people have experienced the power of Personal Bionics through its BiOM ankle, which has been commercially available since 2011. The BiOM ankle is the only prosthesis with powered propulsion for enhanced mobility. Only BiOM Personal Bionics offers a unique combination of power, control and stability, which allows users to get more out of life without thinking about their mobility.

Headquartered in Bedford, MA, BiOM was founded by Dr. Hugh Herr, Director and Principal Investigator of the Biomechatronics Group of MIT's Media Laboratory. BiOM received funding support from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Army's Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC). To learn more about BiOM please visit us at

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