Woozy Moo announces the launch of their online toy store with a mission to disrupt the toy industry by providing forward-thinking toys to children of all genders, abilities, and ethnicities.

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga., May 5, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When it comes to children's toys, the major toy manufacturers run the show. They only release what sells. They develop what they think the consumer wants, and they marginalize children, stifling their ability to be their own independent thinkers. Each child is genuinely unique and the toys they choose to play with should not have to fit within the narrow parameters determined by the big box toy companies. This is the philosophy behind the launch of the new and unique children's toys e-retailer Woozy Moo.

Woozy Moo was founded by Hai Tiet, a former employee of the United Nations, who noticed in his line of work that far too often inequalities start at a very young age, even in the world of toys. Girls are given dolls that do not look like them, boys are expected to love cars and action figures, and the availability of special needs toys is almost non-existent.

Frustrated, Hai decided a change was needed. The toy industry has been controlling "fun" for far too long. "Kids should be able to be themselves, play with what they want, and have fun learning. A big giant corporation shouldn't tell us what fun is. Kids should tell us what fun is!" says Hai.

Hai's philosophy and business model are gaining attention. Woozy Moo was recently featured in a Forbes article as a business case example of competing through the method of disruptive innovation. To view the full article, please visit http://www.forbes.com/sites/larrymyler/2015/04/30/how-to-thrash-leaders-in-your-industry-through-disruptive-innovation/.

Woozy Moo provides a full inventory of open-ended, eco-friendly, girl empowerment, and thought-provoking toys for the forward-thinking parents looking for a smarter alternative to the traditional big box toy stores.

Woozy Moo focuses on the experience and not the expected. Their line of products is carefully hand-selected and the vendors of choice believe in the same philosophy. Woozy Moo believes in toys for everyone. There are no "girl toys" or "boy toys" only awesome toys for all. They carry toys kids can relate to, toys that make them think, and toys kids can play with for a lifetime! At Woozy Moo, they don't discriminate against fun.

To learn more about the Woozy Moo mindset and to see what makes their store unique, please visit: www.woozymoo.com.

CONTACT: Hai Tiet Phone: 470-535-1257 Email: media@woozymoo.com

Source: WoozyMoo