Lightning Round: This whole group is up for sale!

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Qorvo: "Let these stocks come in. They're all for sale right now and when you see Skyworks Solutions bottom, that had the best quarter, that is when you can pull the trigger. Right now they're up for sale, I do like Skyworks best."

Vodafone: "Vodafone has had quite a run, as has much of Europe. I think the stock has moved a little too much. I don't think there's a lot of value there at three percent. I'd rather own AT&T."

New Senior Investment Group: "When you get into that particular subset of the REIT group, you know I'm going to go to Debra Cafaro and go with Ventas. I think that is a better play. I would actually switch, Ventas has come in a lot."

EMC Corporation: "EMC is not delivering, and I much prefer Cisco."

Applied Materials Inc: "I think a lot of people expected that deal to go through, and we said that deal would never go through with Tokyo Electron. If you want to be in that group, you want to be in LAM and right now I think I want that group to come down a little."

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation: "I have liked Cypress Semi for years and years because T.J. Rodgers is a great operator. I like the merger, I think it's going to be terrific, the semis are headed down right now and I urge you to stay with Cypress Semi. If you don't own any Cypress Semi you might want to look at it tomorrow."

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited: "I know that they're in a real dog fight with Mylan right now. I think Teva is an overvalued stock, I do not want to own the stock and I am not going to recommend it."

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Home Depot: "I think Home Depot is okay. Right now there is a sea-change...people are getting out of domestic stocks and going into overseas stocks. When they come down I think Home Depot is going to be fine, this is the season to own Home Depot because it is planning season. But I do think the stock has a couple of points of risk before you take the plunge."

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated: "They've been doing a lot of specialty pharma. To me if Mallinckrodt came down, Mallincckrodt to me is a revised Ligand. I like Mallinckrodt much more. What a great quarter, doing so many good things. When Mallinckrodt comes down I would rather see you own that one."

Textainer Group Holdings Limited: "I'm not that crazy about the leasing business historically. I do like that yield, but I know that things can be variable. Let's stay away from that one right now. Interest rates are going higher and you may be able to get that one at an even lower price."

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