Dog sues Con Ed over New York manhole blast: Report

A Con Edison repair crew has set up a work site surrounding a manhole cover, Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2015 in the Brooklyn borough of New York. An electrical fire beneath the manhole cover caused an explosion on Monday that blew the cover into the air, striking a man in the head, causing serious injury.
Mark Lennihan | AP

Even dogs are suing companies now.

Salvatore Grillo, a 71-year-old man suing utility company Consolidated Edison over injuries sustained by an exploding manhole cover, has listed his dog as a plaintiff, DNAinfo reported Wednesday.

The explosion took place on Feb. 2 at Prospect Park West and Fourth Street in Brooklyn, New York, and led to Abby, Grillo's dog, sustaining multiple wounds and psychological damage, the report said, citing the lawsuit. Grillo was also injured by the explosion, as it sent the manhole cover 25 feet in the air and hit him in the head.

In the lawsuit, Grillo claims the company is responsible for the damages because it failed to prevent wire erosion, did not install a safe manhole cover and did not warn the public to stay away from the manhole, per the report.

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"We will address [the matter] in court," Philip O'Brien, a Con Ed spokesman, told CNBC.

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