CBORD(R) Launches Mobile Intake(TM) — Helping Hospitals Attack Malnutrition

ITHACA, N.Y., May 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CBORD®, the leading provider of clinical nutrition and foodservice software, today announced the launch of a revolutionary new software module designed to improve care programs for malnourished patients in hospitals.

Mobile Intake: Technology that can Lower Malnutrition Rates.
Recent studies suggest one in three hospital patients in the U.S. suffer from malnutrition. Data indicates many malnourished patients go untreated. Dietitians are proving that identifying these patients and improving their intake improves outcomes, lowers length of stay, and reduces readmittance rates. CBORD’s Mobile Intake™ module was designed by dietitians to support efforts in caring for malnutrition in hospitals. This module provides a user-friendly and efficient way to record and report on patient dietary intake (including calories, protein, and more).

Recording and analyzing patient dietary intake can be labor and time intensive, but provides crucial data for identifying and providing appropriate nutritional support to at-risk patients. With Mobile Intake, staff can easily record actual consumption and view key nutritional information to address problems with malnutrition and inadequate intake. The result is improved outcomes and greater patient engagement and satisfaction with their care.

CBORD’s Mobile Intake: Nutrition Technology that Works Bedside, Connects to Back Office
CBORD’s new Mobile Intake module runs on a tablet and is taken to the bedside at the time trays are removed. The patient’s meal is displayed with an easy feedback function that allows the employee to choose the percentage of each item consumed. In a few seconds the patient’s consumption is tracked in detail, as the screen has the exact foods that were served. Many hospitals use a paper system where employees record the percent of food consumed, but as with all manual processes the information is not always accurate and often does not reflect how much of the meal, protein, vegetables, or dessert is actually consumed.

Max Steinhart, president of CBORD, is very enthusiastic about the positive impact this new technology will have. “CBORD has been helping hospitals around the world improve patient satisfaction scores, increase patient nutrition and safety, and lower food costs. The CBORD team is proud to help awareness that can lead to lower malnutrition rates. This becomes one more great value added to the list of capabilities our clients can expect when they implement our state-of-the-art patient meal service solutions.”

CBORD Solutions Drive Safety and Patient Satisfaction, Now Add Focus on Malnutrition
With CBORD’s Mobile Intake solution hospital dietitians now have a way to better identify patients at risk for malnutrition, monitor their true intake, and act on the information enabling them to improve patient care. With one in three patients suffering from malnutrition, improving care will have a meaningful effect on significant numbers on patients.

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Source:The CBORD Group, Inc.