Sandberg pays tribute to husband: ‘Dave was my rock’

David Goldberg
Melody Hahm | CNBC

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg posted an emotional tribute to her husband four days after he died in a treadmill accident.

Dave Goldberg, the 47-year-old CEO of SurveyMonkey, died Friday after at a gym at a private villa in Mexico.

In the post Tuesday on Facebook, Sandberg praised Goldberg's supportive nature.

"We had 11 truly joyful years of the deepest love, happiest marriage, and truest partnership that I could imagine. ... He gave me the experience of being deeply understood, truly supported and completely and utterly loved – and I will carry that with me always," she said.

"Dave was my rock. When I got upset, he stayed calm. When I was worried, he said it would be ok. When I wasn't sure what to do, he figured it out." (Tweet This)

The comments came after a memorial service for Goldberg at the Stanford Memorial Auditorium. Around 1,700 people attended, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and Hewlett-Packard boss Meg Whitman.

Sandberg and Goldberg had two children together.

Tributes poured in and even President Barack Obama posted a statement on the White House's official Facebook page.

"David Goldberg embodied the definition of a real leader - someone who was always looking for ways to empower others. He was generous and kind with everybody, and cared less about the limelight than making sure that the people he worked with and loved succeeded in whatever they did," Obama said.

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