Driver given free meal by garage, racks up $1K bill

A car garage is regretting giving a "free meal" gift to a customer whose car it damaged, after being served a bill of over £700 ($1,065).

Watford Audi, a garage in Hertfordshire, UK, offered Siobhan Yap a meal for two as a way of apology after her just-purchased second-hand convertible was damaged by a van on its forecourt.

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However, Ms. Yap took the gesture a bit too lavishly, racking up a bill of £714.61 ($1,087.44) after treating her and her mother to a meal at multi-award winning and Michelin star restaurant, L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon, London.

When given the bill, Watford Audi called it an "excessive expenditure for two diners", and believed she'd "enjoyed herself a bit too much", offering to instead pay for half of the bill, according to a BBC radio show.

Ms Yap contacted a BBC Three Counties Radio program "The JVS Show", dedicated to solving consumer issues, and claimed this was "unreasonable" as she was under "a lot of stress" at the time.

As a response to Audi's thoughts, Ms Yap said that the garage should have "specified a price limit" according to the BBC.

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Prior to the slap-up meal, the Watford-based garage provided her with a courtesy car while they restored her Audi convertible. As an extra, they then had offered her a "meal for two." Siobhan's car was worth around £20,000 ($30.4K), according to the JVS show broadcast.

At the meal, the pair tallied up a bill of £714.61 (including gratuity) which included one "La Truffe Noire" ($53), two lots of "La Volaille Risottos" ($32 each) and two plates of St Jacques scallops, worth a combined total $88.

And we've not gotten to the alcohol. 4 glasses of Veuve Clicquot Rose champagne ($110), 2 bottles of Sancerre Henri Bourgeois ($210) and four Old Cuban cocktails ($85) were just a few of the drinks ordered on the night.

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When BBC Three Counties Radio asked Facebook followers to get involved yesterday, many were quick to react. Facebook user, Matthew Alden-Farrow wrote "she should count herself lucky they're paying half. They made a gesture of goodwill to keep a customer happy. I think they've done all that could be reasonably expected."

Audi were unavailable to comment when contacted by CNBC.