Gala Global, Inc. Introduces New CEO and Board Director

LOS ANGELES, May 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gala Global, Inc. (OTCPK:GLAG) is pleased to announce industry expert Mr. Drew Milburn as Gala Global's new CEO. Mr. Milburn has been a leader in the Cannabis and Hemp sector with focus in Cannabidiol since 2005. Mr. Milburn has developed manufacturing plans that helped ensure the controlled and continuous production of high quality medical cannabis and hemp. Mr. Milburn also started We Grow Colorado, which was the first medical marijuana operation licensed in Colorado Springs in 2010. This new management brings over a decade of experience in evaluation, knowledge management and learning that will position Gala Global to the next level.

Mr. Drew Milburn is well positioned to lead Gala Global into the future with his unique combination of technical knowledge and successful track record of commercial development field expertise. Mr. Milburn's leadership was originally formed as a decorated former United States Marine who provided 12 years service as a logistic specialist. His professionalism and expertise in Cannabidiol makes him a logical and perfect choice to bring Gala Global to the forefront as industry leader in this specialty sector.

About Gala Global, Inc.

GALA Global, Inc. is a publicly traded development stage company which plans to expand in the Hemp and Cannabis industries. The Company is refocusing its purpose on the development, research, and commercialization of products derived from Hemp and Cannabis Plant, while expanding the clothing operations and upcoming Hemp based fiber apparel and accessories division.

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About CBD Life

CBD Life is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gala Global based in California currently markets new CBD flavored Thin-film strip. Thin Film delivery uses a dissolving film strip that is absorption in the mouth. This approach rapidly dissolves directed as a systemic delivery approach. Thin-film is an advanced method to providing CBD for dietary supplement. Thin Film will provide means for the cannabidiol more bioavailable by allowing the strip dissolves immediately to enter the body. CDL Life - "Innovative Healthy Living."

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