Yodlee Unveils Ynext(TM) Data, a Financial Big Data and Analytics Platform Delivering Comprehensive Spending and Behavioral Insights

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yodlee (Nasdaq:YDLE), the leading cloud-based platform driving innovation in digital financial services, today announced Ynext Data, a next-generation retail analytics platform that aggregates hundreds of millions of anonymized purchases to show retailers a detailed view of where and how consumers are spending their money. Ynext Data helps retail merchants identify and assess competitive spending patterns, perform shopper segmentation analysis and introduces a powerful new toolset to help them forecast future potential spending habits. It is essential for retailers to make data-driven decisions to better understand their customer base, and Ynext Data is one of the smartest and most accurate transactional data tools available.

Retailers interested in applying for early participation in Ynext Data may do so here: http://solutions.yodlee.com/Yodlee-Data-Announcement.html?utm_source=FI Website&utm_medium=Press Release&utm_campaign=70100000000AVQPAA4

Retailers face an ongoing struggle to understand, engage and deepen customer relationships; a challenge made more complicated by shifting competitive landscapes, online versus offline versus hybrid distribution channels, and the increasingly dynamic nature of global retail commerce. Smarter retailers are evolving their future customer engagement strategies to focus on customer behavior over time and in context with location, competitive retail set and overall consumer economic health. Leveraging one of the largest comprehensive, consistent and categorically accurate collections of anonymized transactional data in the world, Ynext Data is an innovative financial data analytics platform that will help retailers address these challenges and create new opportunities through data-driven insights, including:

  • Where, when and how often consumers shop today
  • How those same anonymized consumers shopped in the past and how they may shop in the future
  • Debit versus credit purchases
  • Web versus in-store spending patterns
  • Detailed, anonymized shopper segmentation, down to the store level

"In this day and age, there's too much at stake for retailers to be left guessing when it comes to setting an effective marketing strategy," said Joe Polverari, chief strategy and development officer of Yodlee and general manager of Ynext. "With Ynext Data, retailers can for the first time understand the true, comprehensive buyer's journey; where they buy, how often and with what payment account – today, every day and over time. With its proprietary, anonymized data set, Ynext Data can be one of the pillars of future retail analytics, helping retailers increase customer engagement and satisfaction and ultimately create more retail transactions."

To apply for early participation in Ynext Data, click here.

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