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CNBC Digital Video Exclusive: Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Discusses His Views on Gay Marriage with CNBC's John Harwood

WHEN: Today, Friday, May 8

WHERE:'s Speakeasy with John Harwood extra -

Before announcing his candidacy in Detroit on May 3, Dr. Ben Carson sat down with CNBC's Chief Washington Correspondent John Harwood at the Harbor House Detroit for the latest edition of the CNBC Digital video series, Speakeasy. In a Speakeasy extra, Carson asks whether allowing gays to marry would require America to allow for "other variations on traditional marriage."

A transcript of this additional portion of Speakeasy with John Harwood featuring Dr. Ben Carson follows. All references must be sourced to

HARWOOD: There's one passage in your book where you were talking about gay marriage. And said-- "I believe-- in the traditional definition of marriage, and that no group has the right to change that. How do you walk into this arena and manage that?

CARSON: Well, you-- you simply have to-- recognize-- recognize that if you change the definition of marriage for one group, what do you say to the next group that comes along? Do you say—

HARWOOD: What is the next group?

CARSON: Do you say, "Well, we changed it for this group, but that's it, we're not changing it for anybody else." Does, does that seem fair?

HARWOOD: Well, but what other groups are there?

CARSON: There are more groups, I guarantee you.

HARWOOD: Well, like what--

CARSON: I think you know that there are more groups. Everybody knows there are more groups.

HARWOOD: Honest to god, I don't know what you're talking about.

CARSON: Other variations on traditional marriage? You don't think there's any others?

HARWOOD: You mean like bigamy or something? Multiple marriage--

CARSON: That's a possibility. That's a possibility. Why would you-- why would you stop—a with one group being able to change it and then say to the next group, "You can't change it?"

HARWOOD: I'm not advocating either way. I'm just saying I don't--

CARSON: I'm-- I'm just askin' the question.

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