SITO Mobile's Alliance With Screenvision Delivers Targeted Cross-Screen Solution to Moviegoers

JERSEY CITY, N.J., May 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SITO Mobile Ltd. (OTCQB:SITO), a leading mobile engagement platform provider, today announced that it has partnered with Screenvision, a national cinema advertising leader, on the rollout of Project Lynx, a strategic big data and insights initiative to bolster audience targeting. SITO Mobile technology will provide the foundational underpinning of Project Lynx, a powerful combination of third-party data and data collected through SITO Mobile's state-of-the-art technology, including geo-fencing and beacons. The use of the beacons and geo targeting, coupled with big data, enable the delivery of personalized messaging to audiences. This technology allows marketers a more precise segmentation of the movie audience in order to send highly relevant marketing messages. By providing information relevant to both the user and the current atmosphere, this tailored solution creates better engagement for advertisers to reach a target audience that is more likely to be receptive.

The targeted approach created through leveraging of the technologies and information in this platform creates a more relevant experience. SITO Mobile will collect information on moviegoers through its geo-fencing technology. This will enable Screenvision to deliver advertisers' messages to moviegoers outside the theaters on their mobile devices. This is a natural cross-screen extension for advertisers to maintain their engagement with cinema audiences after they have left the theater, with the cinema ad still fresh and top-of-mind. Partnering with SITO Mobile enables Screenvision's advertisers to achieve greater precision in pointing and customizing the message for cinema audiences. Moreover, by first delivering the ad before the movie and then reinforcing it on people's mobile devices shortly after the movie ends, marketers can strengthen their interaction with their target audience and potentially increase audience recall and brand awareness.

Using geo-fencing to create a virtual "fenced in" area that the moviegoer enters upon departing the theater, coupled with beacons, which interact with the audiences' smart devices as they exit the theater, enables immediate delivery of a relevant message. By using both the big screen and the personal screen, marketers can pinpoint and segment the market and create immediacy in their message delivery. For example, a retailer that advertised on the big screen can deliver a coupon with a short-term expiration to the personal screen, driving traffic to a nearby store location. Similarly, a restaurant that placed a cinema ad before the movie began can send another message, as well as discounts, once the movie ends.

The initiative will integrate behavioral data yielding new insights beyond age and gender to create a powerful ad targeting tool. It was officially introduced at Screenvision's upfront event at the Skylight at Moynihan Station in New York City last night.

Jerry Hug, Chief Executive Officer of SITO Mobile said, "SITO Mobile offers advertisers the ability to reach a highly specified market using proprietary targeting metrics. This is another example of how we are seeking opportunities to use our technology in a variety of innovative ways. Allowing advertisers to reinforce their message via peoples' mobile devices after they have left the movie theater is a powerful way for advertisers to stay connected with theatergoers and reinforce their message. We believe this is just one example of how SITO Mobile can help advertisers take advantage of mobile technology and reflects yet another step forward in our goal to capitalize on our IP in order to deliver value to our shareholders and the marketplace."

"Advertisers today find it increasingly difficult to break through and reach their desired target. Between fragmentation, an oversupply of inventory and dwindling audiences, success can no longer be measured by impressions," said John McCauley, CMO, EVP & Strategic Alliances, Screenvision.

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