Lightning Round: Nope. Still too early to buy this

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

3D Systems Corporation: "Nope. Still too early to buy 3D systems. I don't like that group."

Opko Health: "You want to own OPK, and if the stock comes in on the earnings call you want to do some buying."

Lannett Company, Inc: "If I'm going to be in Lannett, I'm going to be in Actavis. And I'd rather be in Actavis because I think it's a better stock."

GoPro Inc: "GoPro you can say 'Jim you got us in at the high but you didn't get us out at the low,' and I plead guilty or innocent to both of those. Here's the problem; there's been a big move in GoPro and I did miss it and I can't go back now and tell you to buy it because that would just be not helpful."

Xerox Corporation: "I didn't like the quarter for Xerox, and when I don't like the quarter I have one thing to say: don't buy."

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Halyard Health Inc: "A lot of people thought that the quarter was disappointing...and it was an in-line quarter and the best is yet to come. We have been buying the stock for the charitable trust."

Skechers USA Inc: "It is an unbelievable company, and it went over $100 today! I say hallelujah to the best managed company in the footwear industry, and maybe all apparel, frankly. Let's just give it that."

Barnes Group Inc: "I reiterate that this is a good aerospace company."

Lending Club Corporation: "I said don't buy it out of the earnings, but I think it's an okay story."

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